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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Inch Blue

Inch Blue is a company based in Wales specialising in hand made soft leather baby shoes.

The company is well known for its simple applique designs in leather.

Inch Blue have been working on the TTP (Textiles Technologies project) as they are interested in producing more complicated, customised designs and have worked with the expertise in Coleg Cir Gar to identify appropriate solutions. This has included researching into the limitations of embroidering on to leather and the types of designs and backings needed to produce successful embroideries.



The owner of furtech is Andy Davison who has been working on furtech products for a few years now, testing and developing fabrics and designs. It all started many, many years ago when Andy was walking in the Lake District wondering why he was getting wet in his new waterproof breathable kit.

Andy studied engineering and worked at DMM as a student. While there he remembers reading about 3D weaving and he wondered about making thinner, single structure pile/pertex type garments. As an engineer he studied thermodynamics in great detail, providing some insight into condensation and evaporation.

Throughout the intervening years, expeditions throughout the world and mountain rescue experiences, his understanding of garment physics and design has evolved and deepened. furtech is the result.

Andy is now working with Coleg Sir Gar and the TTP project on garment development.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Admire Howies' belief in the best quality product, lasting the longest time, sustainable too!
Great illustrations in the Carnaby Street Store by Dave Sparshott, fantastic!

Interesting material made in the UK by Peratech.
Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) is a new class of electrically conductive material that has been developed to advance the capability of switching and sensing systems. 
QTC is a pressure switching and sensing material technology.
Peratech works with manufacturers to add new functionality to existing touch designs or to develop new, simpler, more reliable designs.
There are millions of uses for QTCs and Peratech has background knowledge to assist customers in thousands of application areas, for example; sports, medical, toys and games, robotics.....etc.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Our laser joining machine at Carmarthen College

SATnet Launch

I went to the SAT net launch at CIRIC today... lots going on for companies.. Get in touch if you have a project related to CAD/CAM pattern design, laser cutting, laser textile joining and virtal sampling. We are helping companies form all walks... Textile designers, companies using technical textiles....

Thursday, 11 March 2010

1st Day blogging on Textiles technology project

Here we are on the first day of blogging and the 7th month of the Textiles Technology project. We hope to keep you all informed of what we are doing as frequently as we can.... so watch this space!
Yesterday I attended the WAG Innovation and e-Business Roadshow at Liberty Stadium. All about e-commerce including e-crime. There were also speakers talking on Entrepreneurial skills, Tweeting and how to use PR in your company. All very interesting!